This portion of the site is your gateway to schematics and service information for thousands of vintage radios.

The site is easy to use. Simply click on the "GO TO SCHEMATICS" link at the bottom of this page, then select the manufacturer and model number of the radio you are seeking information on and your web browser will display the schematic page(s), suitable for printing.

The schematic files are in DJVU format, so a web browser plugin is required to view them, which can be downloaded by clicking HERE (64 Bit Windows), or HERE (32 Bit Windows) or HERE (MAC OSX).

For some reason, the browser plugin doesn't work on small number of systems. If you experience problems, you can download a standalone DJVU viewer program by clicking HERE.

There are also searchable electronic indexes of the Rider and Beitman volumes available for download on this site. The Rider index is available HERE and the Beitman index is HERE.