Universal Schematic Locator

A utility for finding electronic schematics and other service information in Rider, Sams, and Beitman volumes.

With this utility, you can find out where to look for service information for your equipment in the vast library of major schematic sources out there. Searches can be done by any combination of manufacturer, model number, volume or set number, page number, or year of manufacture. This electronic index already knows the popular "house brand" names for a wide variety of retailers (i.e. Silvertone is Sears, Airline is Montgomery Ward, Penncrest is JC Penney, etc.). Additionally, it will find entries matching any portion of a manufacturer's name or model number, so incomplete information will still produce useful results.

How to install:

Simply unzip the file into a temporary folder of your choice and click on the "install.exe" icon and follow the instructions.

How to use:

Using this electronic index is pretty straightforward. Simply enter as much information about the equipment you are trying to find information for as possible into the fields provided. Model numbers and manufacturer names do not have to be complete.

EXAMPLE #1: We will look for the location of information pertaining to the Zenith 8G005, which is Zenith's first "Trans-Oceanic" radio after World War II and is popular among collectors.

First, we will enter the search criteria in the manufacturer and model number fields:

Click the Search button. The index will show "NOW SEARCHING" and begin to search, as shown below:

After a short time, the "NOW SEARCHING message will go away and the results of your search will show up in the search results boxes, as shown below:

To see what Volumes/Sets and Pages/Folders contain the service data for the 8G005, you simply click on the Manufacturer/model number combination shown in each search results box to highlight it and read the "Look For Schematic and Other Service Information" boxes below it, as shown below:


And there you have it! You can see that information for the 8G005 is available in Rider volume 15, page 63, the 1946 Beitman volume (AKA volume 6) on pages 188 thru 189, and Sams set # 7 folder 33.

EXAMPLE #2: An eBay seller is offering a Sams Transistor Service Manual (TSM) on eBay. The seller says it is TSM-42. You want to know what radio models are covered in the manual before you bid.

To find out, you can simply enter the information into search fields as shown:

Click the Search button, and a short time later the answer appears in the "Sams Search Results" box, as shown below:

To see all the models covered, you simply scroll down in the box and note the model numbers.


The Rider search only goes up to volume 19 (XIX). Any model which appears in volumes 20 through 23 (XX through XXIII) will NOT show up in the search results. One of these days, I will fix this, but for now you can only search for items which appear in volumes 1 through 19 (I through XIX)

The Beitman search only covers the RADIO volumes. TV volumes are NOT included in the index.

The Sams search only covers information which appears in the years 1991 and earlier. Additionally, there are NO VCRs or computer equipment in this index (Given my intended audience for the Universal Schematic Locator, this is no great loss).

The Beitman Index was originally converted into a computer-readable format by laboriously hand-entering the contents of each year's paper index into a spreadsheet. The Rider index was scanned and then converted to a computer-readable format with OCR software and then proofread and error-corrected by hand. The Sams index was converted into a computer-readable format by scanning in a 1993 paper volume of the Sams Photofact Index, and then converting it with OCR software and then proofreading and error-correcting by hand.

While I have made every effort to ensure accuracy, the OCR processes that were used are not perfect, and it is almost inevitable that there are still a few errors that I didn't catch. There shouldn't be very many, though.